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Focus on the forces, not on the future

Never in the history of our business have so many different shifts hit us at the same time with such immediate effect.

Confessions of CXOs:

Here’s what they are learning from their kids and other Gen Z, Gen Y. Presenting first-hand insights and anecdotes that have helped these CXOs to fine-tune.

Digital Harmageddon

How can marketers stave off the White Walker-like invasion of ad fraud, brand safety and viewability in digital marketing?

Consumers and society in 2018

Ford’s Anurag Mehrotra on the numerous impulses driving consumers and the ones that make them anxious

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Challengers at work: A peep into the path ahead for some homegrown disruptors

Challenger brands acquire their reputation and clout.

Life after 'The End'

In India, every sport except cricket is an underdog. And you get extra points if you’re a female athlete whose opted to play one of these.


The hop-on, hop-off consumer

As the year was slipping by, queer yet expected things were happening! Just like us, brands were living a life of their own.

Okay Google, show me the future

While 2017 may have been relatively quiet from an ad-spend perspective, advertisers and agencies were kept busy.

Brand purpose may get called out

Unlike politicians and regimes across the world today who like to drive binary narratives. They will embrace the grey.

"If I'd picked a Uber Trend for 2018, it would have been The Trump Effect"

You previously picked an uber-trend for each year.


The twenty-nine-year-old founding-member of India’s first all-women biker group, Urvashi Patole remembers a time,

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The return of the big fat Indian wedding

Sachin Singhal can still vividly recount the horrors of demonetisation on the wedding industry.


Here's how regional brands are using social media to get maximum bang for their buck

Almost every presentation we’ve heard on India hammers home a few clichés.

Trending hashtags are no longer trendy

Like every year, 2018 will see its share of the good, bad and the ugly when it comes to how digital is used.

How social media influencers are getting brands to foot the bill for their wedding

When a 30-year-old woman from Mumbai was planning her fairytale destination wedding, during discussions with vendors she let slip the fact

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Trend Spot: Fashion re#tagged

It is a popular joke that the people who proudly flaunt monogrammed apparel belonging to popular fashion designers will most likely be treated like a leper by the very same designers in person.


"We do not pay for athletes and celebrities"

GoPro started life in the US appealing to adventure seekers. While a great starting point, it’s left the rest of us who do not fancy sky diving

Fast Five with GroupM's Kelly Clark

You left GroupM saying you wanted to spend more time with your family. What got you back? After about a year, my family said it was time I went back to work (Laughs).

CMOs must reskill and abandon the familiar

In this edition of CMO Slambook BE gets up, close and personal with Fabindia’s chief marketing officer Karan Kumar to share his journey from working across categories

Kuch khaas hai: The Pandey brothers awarded The Lion of St Marks

In an industry rife with awards, the Lion of St Mark towers above the rest. A lifetime achievement trophy from the Cannes Lions

I'd like young people to look to the future, not the past

In a freewheeling chat with Brand Equity, the photographer who returns to Benetton after nearly a two-decade-long estrangement

The feminist CEO: In conversation with FCB's Carter Murray

Like most people, Carter Murray was raised by a strong woman with intense, often concealed insecurities.

We are a humble little content company: Disney's Andy Bird

At the end of the first session at this year’s D23 Expo – Disney’s very own (biennial) Comic-Con held in Anaheim

Bullet proofing the field

Can the oldest global motorcycle brand in continuous production become sexy, cool and capable of drawing in a younger audience?

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Acharya Balkrishna on the Patanjali growth story

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In conversation with Martin Sorrell, WPP Chief

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Spiritual talk with the 'untraditional' monk Gaur Gopal Das

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Josy Paul, Vikas Mehta and Anita Nayyar have some confessions to make

Author: Josy Paul, Vikas Mehta, Anita Nayyar